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Food Donor Spotlight: San Ramon Regional Medical Center

The kitchen staff at San Ramon Valley Medical Center.

When Senate Bill 1383 was passed in 2022, it represented a wonderful opportunity for WPE to lean in. WPE’s Senior Operations Manager, Pete Olsen, has worked hard to cultivate relationships with food donors. One of our more recent donors is San Ramon Medical Center. “They joined us a few months ago and today we’re a well-oiled machine,” said Pete. “We receive highly sought after prepared meals like sandwiches and salads 5 days a week.”

“I have been told by their manager Alan that his team is really happy to help pack up the excess food each day for WPE, and they do their best to ensure we are only getting items that our community wants and needs. They even installed a fridge specifically to house their WPE donations so that when our volunteers come to pick up 5 times a week, they can access everything without requiring staff assistance. They’ve been a pleasure to partner with. We want to work with all food producers, grocers, restaurants, and cafeterias that are committed to reducing food waste, protecting the planet, and putting an end to food insecurity.”

Our food donors are integral partners in our mission to end food insecurity across the county. If you have a business and would like to donate, please reach out to today.

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