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Move Update

sleek wrapped van for food rescue

Moving an organization requires a complex orchestration of logistics and planning, and we are fortunate that WPE volunteer Mike Colvin is managing the project.


Here is Mike’s update:

The new commercial refrigerator and freezer have been ordered. We will have 5 times our current capacity, including racks and forklift access through rolling doors. Equipment of this scale must be custom-built, and installation requires permits. So, while our lease commenced this month, work on the plumbing, electrical, sprinklers, and the refrigerator installation are driving our relocation schedule, which we estimate will take place in April. There are other needed improvements that we are working on with a general contractor. Once the facility is clear of construction, we will schedule time for volunteers to visit and a “welcome home” party!


Next steps include a seamless transfer of our operation that does not affect our food distribution schedule. We serve our nonprofit recipients 7 days a week and we will not interrupt our deliveries. Every detail, from dismantling machinery to packing equipment, demands precision and planning to safeguard against damage and ensure continuity of services. Coordinating the transportation of heavy equipment, supplies, and furniture requires careful planning to ensure that WPE can continue to deliver more than 10,000 pounds of fresh, healthy food every day!


The floorplan is on display in our conference room in Pleasant Hill. Come by and take a peek!

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