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WPE is one of the largest food rescue programs in California  

In nine years, we have delivered more than 25 million pounds of nutritious, fresh food – equivalent to 21 million meals – to nearly 100 nonprofit agencies throughout Contra Costa County. We have also redistributed one million items of high-quality clothing and emergency supplies to our neighbors in need.


Who do we partner with?

  • County shelters serving the unhoused and underserved.

  • School pantries and school culinary programs.

  • Homes for foster youth, low-income seniors and families, and people in recovery.

  • Conditional release programs. 

  • Outreach programs for new immigrants and other vulnerable populations.

  • Churches and religious groups serving neighbors in need.

For a full list of WPE recipients:

Apply to become a WPE recipient

Please provide the following: 

  • Nonprofit name and EIN

  • Point of contact information

  • Mission of organization

  • Do you need food or clothing?

  • How will you use the items you receive?

  • What will you do with the food/clothing you cannot use?

  • How do you build a community around food/clothing?

  • What city are you located in?

Submit your answers to WPE’s strategic partnership


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