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CA Climate Action Corps: Meet our CCAC Fellows!

sleek wrapped van for food rescue
Anne, smiling as always, working in WPE’s distribution center.

WPE is thrilled to employ THREE California Climate Action Corps (CCAC) fellows – the remarkable Aikisha Reeves, Anne Nino, and Mae Conedy! The California Climate Action Corps is a national service program led by California Volunteers, Office of the Governor, and implemented by Bay Area Community Resources. Emerging climate and civic leader Fellows coordinate projects related to urban greening, organic waste, and edible food recovery. Our work at WPE is aligned perfectly with the Governor’s unique program and we are so grateful to Aikisha, Anne, and Mae for their amazing service and climate advocacy!



You have probably seen Anne Nino, one of WPE’s incredible CCAC fellows, going out of her way to make our volunteers feel welcome. Anne recently relocated from the Philippines, and she is still acclimating to life in California. This might be why she always goes out of her way to ensure that our new volunteers feel seen, included, and supported.


Back home, Anne attended Mapua University and studied film. She was disheartened when she arrived in CA and encountered challenges transferring her academic credits to a local university, which prompted a reassessment of her trajectory. Feeling a little adrift, she stumbled upon the CCAC website and decided to pursue a fellowship that focused on preventing food waste. A call from WPE’s COO, Merry, and a visit to WPE was all she needed to chart a new, exciting course of study.


At WPE, Anne oversees daily tours and spearheads recruitment efforts. Reflecting on her journey, she shares, "I never imagined I'd be so deeply engaged and forge such incredible connections. Having a supportive community rallying behind me feels wonderful." After her fellowship at WPE, Anne intends to continue her volunteerism, pursuing climate action and communications.


If you see Anne, don't hesitate to say hello. And if you're curious about pugs, she proudly boasts the title of mom to seven (yes, seven!) pug babies.

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