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Our new model - white pony express


Love in Action


We are not a charity in the traditional sense. We do not see a ‘giver’ and a ‘receiver’. We see a Circle of Giving in which all are uplifted. 


WPE enables those who have more than they need to easily give to those with less so that all can share in the abundance of life. 


WPE’s unique role is to be a connector between those with abundance and those in need.

The Circle of Giving- white pony express

“White Pony Express saved my life. It’s hard to ask for help when you’re struggling so much. WPE has never once made me feel bad or ashamed for needing help. I feel so cared for and so loved. I don’t feel alone anymore. Normally I’m really depressed, but WPE has made it possible to have some days where I think, ‘I can get through this’ and this brings hope back.” 

– WPE Food and Clothing Recipient

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