White pony general store


The White Pony General Store (WPGS) distributes new and like-new clothing, shoes, toys, children’s books, and games to our Contra Costa neighbors in need.

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White Pony General Store

The White Pony General Store (WPGS) distributes new or premium lightly used clothing, shoes, diapers, toys, and children’s books to our neighbors in need. WPGS partners with clothing retailers, boutiques, and individual donors, receiving, sorting, organizing, and delivering high-quality goods free of charge. We treat clothing recipients as our family and show them love and respect, offering only our best.

Clothing and Care Closets

People experiencing homelessness need long-term, predictable access to basic needs like clothing. WPE helps our partners expand their capacity to serve unsheltered people by offering clothing and other survival items through our Clothing & Care Closets. We also partner with community warming centers and distribute life-saving cold weather clothing and goods through our Cold Weather Clothing Program.

Direct Distributions

WPGS offers outfits curated with care through our Direct Partner Distributions. Agencies contact WPGS and sign up to be a recipient partner. Their clients are then given access to an online form where they input their clothing needs, including color and style preferences. Clothing is selected, beautifully bundled, and either picked up at WPGS or delivered.


Mobile Boutiques

WPE’s most celebrated distribution events are our Mobile Boutiques, where we offer a store-like shopping experience in the heart of communities most in need. The WPGS team promotes economic independence and uplifts lives by helping recipients with presentable interview and on the job attire and outfits that fit the unique needs of each shopper.

At WPE we don’t see red tape – we see a need and we respond with love by giving what is needed. It is so simple you would think everyone would be doing it. I believe one day everyone will be doing it. - Eve Birge, WPE Executive Director