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About White Pony Express


Our Story

About White Pony Express

“White Pony Express is built on the understanding that, in this beautiful world we share, love knows all, does all, and is the most powerful force in the universe.” – Dr. Carol Weyland Conner, WPE Founder


A heartbreaking 1 in 4 Americans are skipping meals or relying on food donations. Balance this troubling statistic with the fact Americans throw away 40% of our food supply—perfectly good food that could wipe out hunger in the U.S. if it was rescued and delivered to those in need.


WPE is a volunteer-powered 501(c)(3) organization with a mission to eliminate hunger and poverty by delivering the abundance all around us to those in need—with love. We serve 120,000 people each year through more than 90 partner agencies. Since our inception, WPE has rescued and delivered more than 25 million pounds of nutritious food—equal to 21 million meals—which prevented more than 31,000 tons of CO2 emissions from entering the air we breathe.

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WPE is the connecting link between those with surplus and those in need.  

Our Values & Mission

What we do changes lives. But as important as what we do, is how and why we do it. Our vision is to build on the generous nature of people, so that a consciousness is born wherein it becomes natural for all of us to help one another. When that consciousness is widespread, there will be no more hunger-no more poverty. Together with our friends, supporters and neighbors, we are all of us taking care of all of us. 

The Team

We began as a 100% volunteer organization in 2013 and operated 100% on volunteers love, dedication and support until April 2017 when we hired our very first staff person in Food Rescue operations. Since that time, our White Pony family has continued to grow our base of volunteers, donors, partners and team members in order to achieve our mission of ending hunger and poverty in Contra Costa County. 


As a community based organization, financial transparency is important to us. 


If you have any questions regarding accounting or financial matters, please reach out to our Board Treasurer Jim May.

Our Partners

We are grateful for the hundreds of individual donors who support our work. From large vehicle donations to small monthly sustaining gifts to keep us going, WPE’s circle of giving would not be possible without their generous gifts. View our partner list here. To donate and support our work, please visit the donate page. 


All of your questions, answered here

Our Model

Learn about our volunteer-powered “circle of giving” model here

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