White Pony Express (WPE) was founded by Dr. Carol Weyland Conner in September 2013.

She was troubled by the fact that in a county of tremendous abundance, thousands of people go hungry each day and many more suffer from inadequate, unhealthy diets. And yet, at the same time, grocers, retailers, food manufacturers and restaurants often are discarding thousands of pounds of high-quality fresh food everyday due to artificially created “Sell By” dates, excess inventory, or simply because it doesn’t meet presentation standards for the average customer.

"In selfless service, the comfort of others is our convenience, their health our own healing, their happiness our delight.  Giving one’s life for others, one gains more life for oneself.  Sheltering others in one’s heart makes one inhabit theirs.  An act of helpfulness, a word of comfort, the spontaneous warmth of selfless love, gives to others what they greatly need.  Their natural thoughts of gratitude and goodwill that flow from this, the heightened surge of their spirit, and the increased flow of pure love released by a selfless act bring to the giver infinitely more than he can ever give. Then at last is unlocked the key to lasting happiness!"

- Dr. Connor


Dr. Conner’s solution was to begin with a Food Rescue program, where surplus food is delivered to organizations that serve those in need. Originating as a program of the local faith-based group, Sufism Reoriented, WPE expanded rapidly. In March of 2014, we incorporated as an independent nonprofit public benefit 501(c)(3) corporation, with the goal of uplifting lives through a broad-based community program.

With an $800 formation budget and zero assets, WPE’s growth was fueled by generosity. Dedicated volunteers gave time and equipment, a faith group provided space and utilities, local service organizations raised money for refrigerated vehicles, and numerous individuals donated everything from funds to internet access.

As White Pony Express learned more about the needs of people living in poverty and how to serve them, additional systems were put in place to get surplus resources to the people most in need. In 2014, WPE’s outreach expanded to include the White Pony General Store, where adult and children’s clothing, toys, and books are freely distributed through Mobile Boutiques, our Cold Weather Clothing program, direct distribution to agency partners, and outreach to those living without shelter and those at risk of living without the most basic needs of clothing, shoes, food, and hygiene.  

In 2020, White Pony Express proudly celebrated the major milestone of 13 million pounds of food rescued and delivered, and over 530,000 items of clothing, books, and shoes distributed since its founding. 

The work of "all of us taking care of all of us" continues each day - 364 days a year. To help support our mission of delivering the abundance all around us to those in need and uplifting lives, we welcome you to please volunteer and donate. 

"You are already parts of one life, and as such, brotherhood is not something that is to be brought into existence through laborious efforts. It is the supreme FACT. It claims your recognition and whole-hearted allegiance as soon as you have the candidness and the courage to face the Truth.


We are now at such a point in universal history where mankind, as a whole, can begin to realize this fundamental truth. White Pony Express rushes ahead in the vanguard to deliver the good news and spread the abundance of life that follows it. White Pony Express is built on the understanding that – in this beautiful world we share – love knows all, does all, and is the most powerful force in the universe.      


It will not be organizations of bureaucracy, carved from limited mental understandings and resources, nor charitable, philanthropic giving, which perpetuates marginalization by reinforcing the notion of “have” and “have not”, but through spontaneous service to life, where each one helps each one.

White Pony Express is creating a new paradigm for solving mankind’s age-old problem of marginalization, hunger, and want. We hope that gradually – and before too long! – this paradigm will be adopted by Americans everywhere as our way forward toward the realization of the basic unity of all life."

Dr. Carol Weyland Conner

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Reaching the Milestone of Rescuing and Delivering Fifteen Million Pounds of Fresh Food





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