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Erica Brooks Returns Full Circle

Erica Brooks was one of our first volunteers. During our first three years she was one of the people who did outreach and helped build and scale what we are today.

Erica Brooks delivering food in the early days

And now she's back as our Director of Strategic Partnerships. In this role, Erica will again be out in the community and beyond helping to develop new corporate and business relationships to propel WPE forward.

“I am thrilled to be back, and overjoyed at the success WPE has achieved in the past 5 years. It fills my heart to see how the vision that the founder had for WPE has come alive in so many ways, and through so many unexpected people and channels.

"I'm also delighted to see familiar faces mixed with new volunteers and staff, creating a dedicated team all working together to fulfill our mission and help those in need. Many of the volunteers who started with us, helping with morning food distributions from our local parking lot, are still contributing their time. What a testament to the magic of this community endeavor."

The original idea for White Pony Express was to build a successful circle of giving in our own county, and in doing so, create a template that could be replicated in other communities nationwide. This idea is quickly becoming a reality, and partnerships are central to our collaborative model.

If you have connections to corporate sponsors and partners, or if you want to get your business involved with White Pony Express, please contact her at

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