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  • Jeff O'Hearn

Food Rescue Hero Initiative: Love in Action!

Updated: Jan 17, 2023

Our new program, Food Rescue Hero Initiative (FRHI), is ready for roll-out! This exciting joint effort between White Pony Express and RecycleSmart creates a new platform for community service and food rescue – connecting volunteers with smaller food donations they can personally deliver in real-time.

This program was designed to expand WPE’s ability to pick up and deliver donations from local restaurants, caterers, and cafeterias. Based on a new law in California, SB 1383, these businesses are required to have an edible food collection program in place with a local organization (like WPE!) by 2024. The new regulations provide WPE with an important opportunity to help food producers and distributors across the county and to do so without putting further strain on our current facility.

WPE has always been a volunteer-powered organization. We love finding new ways for our volunteers, recipients, and donors to join in selfless service to each other. Volunteers for the FRD program can ‘claim’ runs at their convenience and are welcome to pile the kids in the car for occasional (or weekly) service runs. These food rescue heroes will act as the connectors between abundance and need – all of us taking care of all of us in action!

Read more about Food Rescue Hero Initiative and sign up to participate on our website:

Food Rescue Hero Initiative Partners:

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