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Family Volunteering Program Calls for Donations Benefitting the Homeless

White Pony Express has partnered with Mindful Littles to engage our youth in volunteerism and as part of the solution to our community problems, such as homelessness, hunger, and poverty.

These family volunteer projects benefit a wide variety of our community partners working with the poor, marginally housed and homeless, through providing care kits, cold weather, and hygiene backpacks for the homeless populations throughout Contra Costa County.

Children and adult volunteers making crafts at White Pony Express
Mindful Littles facilitate family volunteering projects at White Pony Express headquarters in Pleasant Hill, CA
We are calling on our community to help support this program and keep it going with small in-kind donations of items we need for these care kits and backpacks.

Mindful Littles, whose journey is empowering our youngest generations to be courageous compassionate change-makers, will be facilitating family volunteering projects at White Pony Express twice every month.

Each project is a unique, highly-engaging experience for families with children under 12 years old and grandparents are welcome too!

This is an opportunity for children to engage in service in fun ways and for families to spend quality time together, including learning more about empathy and mindfulness. The projects will benefit the many communities served by White Pony Express.

Get ready to have fun and make some new friends in the community.

Registration is FREE!

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