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  • laurenmilitello

A Great Way To Start Your Day

Before the sun rose super volunteers Judith and Anne were sorting and packing breakfast for 31 guests (including 5 children) who are staying at the Parkhaven Church Warming Center.

Thanks to Board member Cindy Gershen and her wonderful culinary students at Mt Diablo High School, who serving a homemade egg and sausage casserole along with muffins and fruit today! With food deliveries from WPE Cindy's students make hot breakfast casseroles Monday through Friday providing a delicious and nutritious breakfast made with love.

There is a sweet atmosphere exchanging greetings and taking orders for hot coffee - "sweet and light" (sugar and cream). Soon the tiredness disappears and everyone is filled with a sense of joy and community that lasts the whole day long!

If you are interested in helping with our Parkhaven breakfast program., we still need volunteers to help with laundry and distributing clothing and other task throughout the winter.

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