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Double Angel Challenge Grant

Have you met your match? Help us meet ours!

White Pony Express kicked off our Double Angel Matching campaign last week and we're off to a great start but this is a BIG goal and we need your help.

As we move closer to actually ending hunger and poverty in our county, we need more support than ever before. Luis Gerardo del Valle Torres and Heart’s Path Foundation have pledged $250,000 in matching funds for all financial donations, grants and pledges* received between April 1 and May 31, 2018.

Every $1 from YOU = $2 to WPE Today! With your commitment to match this double angel donation, we can raise $500,000 in the next two months, taking a HUGE step toward achieving our annual fundraising goal.In 2018 White Pony Express has increased financial needs due to the capacity building we've done in the past two years. Our budget in 2018 is triple what it was in 2016—with more and more lives uplifted.The community is asking WPE to do more and we need you. DOUBLING OUR WORK TOGETHER!

With these generous matching funds, every $100 becomes $200 which allows WPE to deliver $800 in food and goods.You will have a 8:1 impact on people’s lives. Fully funded, these matched donations will deliver $2,000,000 worth of hunger-ending and poverty-ending food and goods. Donate here Or donate here:

Or simply mail your donation to match to White Pony Express 1966 Tice Valley Blvd, #101 Walnut Creek, CA 94595

Let's hit our goal of $250K matched to $500K!

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