Our Model

The Challenge

Estimates are that 40% of food grown in the U. S. goes to waste. People are hungry not because there is insufficient food but because our distribution system doesn’t work. Retailers have no way to get their excess goods to those in need, and people in need and the groups who serve them lack the resources to access the abundance. The same goes for toys, clothing and other goods. Kids grow, but clothes don’t. A community link is needed to help us share and take care of each other.

The Solution

White Pony Express is dedicated to helping eliminate hunger and poverty in Contra Costa County and designing a volunteer-based “circle of giving” that can be replicated in other communities. According to a 2013 report by the US Department of Census, 10.5% of CCC’s population of 1,094,205 individuals is below the poverty level. That equals 114,892 individuals living in poverty in our county, or one in ten of us. We know our model works, as we are reaching more than half of them already through our nonprofit partners.

In the end…

Our friends in need move from the margins to the mainstream.


Donors call or schedule donations of surplus food, clothing, toys & books.


Mobile Boutique events are held to provide free, personalized “shopping” experiences for those in need.


Dispatchers call “runners” to pick up donations and deliver them to our recipient organizations.


Direct donations of food & goods are delivered 15 hours a day, seven days a week.


Runners make daily food deliveries to recipients throughout our county.

Community Impact

Parent loses job. Family must choose between rent, food or clothes for new job interview.

Family goes to pantry and is provided donated food from WPE. Family attends a free Mobile Boutique and selects clothes for the parent’s job interview and new school clothes for kids.

With this help, the family can pay rent and avoid homelessness until the parent finds meaningful work.

White Pony Express’ primary goal is to uplift lives and provide opportunities for selfless service, inspiring the community to join the circle of giving.

Volunteers distribute the community’s surplus of food and goods throughout the county, knowing that the most important thing they deliver each day is love.

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