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A Climate Action Champion! Chief Service Officer Josh Fryday Visits WPE and Applauds Our Model

On September 20th, White Pony Express received a visit from California’s Chief Service Officer Josh Fryday and his team. They toured WPE’s Food Rescue distribution center and General Store facilities to learn more about our food and goods rescue efforts.

A cheerful crew of volunteers and staff were there to greet the governor’s team and explain the ‘wins’ of our work, such as generating environmental benefits, ending food insecurity, and creating social equity through access to high-quality, fresh, nutritious food.

Executive Director Eve Birge talks to Josh Fryday about connecting the county’s abundance to its need.

WPE Food Rescue Operations Manager Gary Bostick, who led the tour, introduced Josh to our awesome volunteers, who are truly the heart and soul of WPE. Gary and the WPE team showcased our programs and shared information about food waste, composting, fast fashion, as well as the necessity and ease of becoming a connector between abundance and need.

Josh recognized the significant positive impacts of WPE’s circle of volunteers, staff, and in-kind donors. He learned that every month 425,000 pounds of perfectly good food is rescued through our reliable daily pick-ups and that each year WPE’s efforts save more than 4,845 tons of CO2 gas from entering the atmosphere. WPE has rescued over 18 million pounds of food from the landfill, where it would have produced a substantial amount of methane, a greenhouse gas at least 28 times more potent than carbon dioxide.

We also invited Josh and his team to the White Pony General Store, where Operations Manager Ana Bostick explained the importance of environmentally conscious consumerism.

General Store Operations Manager Ana Bostick shares care packages made from quality goods that would typically have gone to landfills.

Development and Creative Projects Coordinator Lauren Militello shared tips and tricks for reducing household food waste. Click here to watch the video and hear Lauren describe how easy it is to be a food rescue hero!

To conclude the visit, Food Sourcing and Facilities Manager Pete Olsen described WPE’s new program, Neighbors Helping Neighbors, which uses an innovative app. It’s the Uber of Food Rescue! This initiative is funded through CalRecycle, and Josh was eager to learn more about our launch.

Climate Action Week focuses on how to combat climate change with individual actions: “California has climate goals to divert 75% of organic waste and send 20% of unsold, still-fresh food to those who need it.” Learn more about Climate Action Week here:


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