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WPE Volunteer Appreciation Shoutouts!

At White Pony Express we depend on our volunteers to keep fresh food and goods flowing into the community. WPE is a volunteer-powered organization – not only do they support day-to-day operations, they also occupy positions of leadership and act as our ambassadors. A resounding thank you to all of our volunteers!

Here are some special shoutouts to three extraordinary examples of love in action:

"We need to get the food out of the cooler, Ray’s on it. We need to get the compost cans steam cleaned, Ray’s on it. Who is this Ray fella? Just a wonderful contributor who when offered the chance to be part of the White Pony Team was all in! Thanks, Ray." - Ed, WPE Volunteer

"Ray has been a ray of sunshine at WPE! He helps keep the Distribution Center clean and orderly. And more importantly, he shares his energy and smile with the volunteers and staff team who are fortunate to work alongside him." - Eve, WPE Executive Director

Ray is incredibly helpful with such a sunny disposition, always smiling and laughing, always going the extra mile plus some! The best of the best! - Debbie, WPE Volunteer


"Maxine shows up on her unscheduled days to make sure the General Store is running smoothly. Her reports are beautiful and informative and she is always on top of everything. I absolutely love working with her! She keeps things ship-shape!" - Ana, General Store Operations Manager

"Maxine is an exceptional and indispensable member of the General Store team. She maintains an organized showroom and keeps our systems up and running. Maxine believes in the “why” we do what we do, knowing that the “what” and the “how” will follow. She’s a gift to the organization!" - Eve, WPE Executive Director "Maxine has been and continues to be one of White Pony General Store’s most valued volunteers. A self-starter with a keen eye for detail, Maxine has an appreciation for clear processes and procedures with the skills to access and evaluate. Maxine’s abilities and dedication have positioned her as one of two titular Co-Directors of the General Store!" - Steve, WPE General Store Director


"Pablo has revolutionized food rescue by injecting it with an organized aesthetic. He has simplified our branding, so everyone on the road seeing a WPE vehicle knows what we do. In his brief tenure here, he has done an immeasurable amount for the image and operational efficiency of WPE."

- Gary, WPE Operations Manager

"Pablo arrived at WPE like the answer to a prayer! Since the day he joined the team, he’s been a creative and thoughtful force, leaving everything he touches better than what it was before. When he sets his sights on a project, the result is thoughtful and visually appealing – and the process is streamlined and more engaging!" - Eve, WPE Executive Director

"What an amazing human being. His ideas are truly fantastic and they are not just ideas… he does the work to see them to fruition. What an asset to the WPE family. There are no perfect words to describe this man, he is that fantastic!" - Debbie, WPE Volunteer


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