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WPE Team Teens: Serving Up a Summer of Fun!

Updated: Sep 11, 2020

At the beginning of August, two remarkable, young lacrosse players received unprecedented media attention when the Associated Press ran a story: "2 Teen Lacrosse Players Score Goal in Fight Against Hunger". The story is about Owen and Zach, two local friends who decided to offer lacrosse lessons to children when their summer practice was cancelled. Through a GoFund Me page, they will donate all the money they raise to White Pony Express.

Their story resonated so deeply that it was picked up by over 250 outlets in the U.S. and internationally. If you click here you can access the full list of news stories resulting from the initial story. This single act of loving service created a totally inspiring ripple effect!

When Dr. Carol Weyland Conner founded WPE, she knew that people innately want to help and serve. WPE’s vision is to build on the generous natures of young and old so that a consciousness is born where it becomes natural for all of us to help one another. Our volunteers are living proof this is not only possible – it is happening!

Because of friends like Zach and Owen and the community that supports WPE, we have been able to rescue and deliver more than twice as much food each day as we were before the pandemic. When COVID hit, we were approached by 30 additional agencies serving the homeless, low-income seniors, and families in need – our donors and volunteers have enabled us to serve every one of them!

We want to give a booming Shout-Out to Zach and Owen – two terrific examples of all of us taking care of all of us!


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