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White Pony Express + #OaklandAllIn Serves 2000 Families

Updated: Mar 25, 2021

White Pony Express loved participating in the #OaklandALLIN event on Saturday, February 27 – a drive-thru giveaway celebrating Black History Month. The Starbucks Black Partner Network coordinated the event, which provided vital support to nearly 2,000 families.

The event was poignant and inspiring, and we want to thank Starbucks and the partners who joined hearts and hands to provide food pantry staples, fresh fruits and vegetables, backpacks, books, cleaning and sanitation supplies, and so much love. We look forward to future events, working in collaboration with our sister agencies across the Bay Area! We are ALL IN!

Quote from Starbucks Black Partner Network:

“We have been blown away by the response of the community, businesses, and partners like yourselves that have raised a hand to be ALL-IN by providing resources to this underserved community in need.”

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