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White Pony Express Intern Introduces President Biden!

Updated: Jul 25, 2023

Dear Friends,

Happy July! The hot days of summer are upon us – a time of year when many people enjoy vacations and time off with loved ones. Unfortunately, this time of year doesn’t bring relief for many in our community who are suffering from hunger and the need for essential items to survive the heat.

White Pony Express delivers to 90+ agencies that serve the unhoused and other vulnerable populations. Unlike food banks, WPE provides prepared meals from businesses like Starbucks, Hello Fresh, Sweetgreen, and Urban Remedy. We also specialize in highly perishable fruits and veggies like berries, peaches, pears, crunchy veggie packs, and leafy greens, ensuring recipients have access to the most nutritious food choices. Our pantries are frequently co-located with mobile showers, health clinics, and other physical and mental health service providers with the goal of accommodating whole-person health.

Fighting food insecurity during the summer months is only part of WPE’s charge – we are also actively combating climate change. By diverting fresh, healthy food from landfills into the hands of our neighbors, we’re reducing CO2 and methane emissions. We track our environmental impact, specifically with regard to clean air. In this edition of our newsletter, we’re excited to share that WPE was highlighted on a national scale for our work and environmental impact when our California Climate Action Corps Intern, Chiena Ty, introduced President Biden at a climate action event in the Bay Area. We hope you enjoy learning about Chiena’s fantastic work in our feature below and share in the fun we had celebrating our volunteers!

Very warmly,

Your White Pony Express Team


White Pony Express CCAC Intern Chiena Ty Introduces the President of the United States at California Climate Action Event

On Monday, June 19, White Pony Express California Climate Action Corps Fellow, Chiena Ty, introduced President Joe Biden alongside Governor Gavin Newsom at an event highlighting the Administration’s action to create clean energy jobs and protect the environment for future generations.

Chiena has been immersed in White Pony Express operations and activities for the past eight months through our partnership with the California Climate Action Corps (CCAC). As a CCAC Fellow, Chiena’s goal is to raise awareness about the climate action steps we can take as individuals and as a community. In her speech, Chiena stated, “[At WPE] we help combat climate change and fight food insecurity by diverting fresh, healthy foods from landfills and redistributing it to underserved communities. In other words, we’re rescuing surplus food and giving it to the people most in need. But our work also has another important benefit. When we reduce the edible surplus food from ending up in landfills, we also reduce methane, a harmful pollutant that is a significant driver in the climate crisis. Climate change affects us all, but it disproportionately affects our most vulnerable populations. That’s why at White Pony Express, we always say yes when we find a neighbor in need!”

Through her work with WPE and CCAC, Chiena has been so inspired that she jumped at the opportunity to speak about her experience with the President and CA Governor with the intention of shining a light on and expanding these initiatives into national movements.

Before Chiena introduced President Biden she shared, “For my generation, this is the issue of our time, and that’s why I’m so proud that we have a dedicated commander-in-chief who has taken bold climate action since day one. By securing the most consequential climate legislation in history, he has been a powerful leader in the fight against climate change. The future generations will be better for it here in California and all across America.”

“I am so impressed by Chiena’s clarity and passion,” said WPE’s executive director, Eve Birge. “She has been a wonderful addition to the WPE family, and her interactions with the Governor and President Biden are critical in our effort to raise awareness about the role of food rescue organizations. This is a shining example of the role we can each play in preserving our beautiful natural infrastructure and building a more just society for generations to come.”

As Governor Newsom shared during his address, “CCAC Fellows are not just dreamers, they are doers, and this is true of Chiena and all of the volunteers that show up each and every day at White Pony Express. They combat climate change and fight food insecurity by redirecting high-quality food to our hungry neighbors and do so with selflessness and cheer.”


WPE at ‘Unity in the Community’ Event!

White Pony Express joyfully participated in the annual 'Unity in the Community’ event hosted by Bay Point Community All-N-One and the Ambrose Recreation and Park District on June 24th. As long-time participants in this event, WPE sets up a pop-up mobile boutique offering an upscale shopping experience for East County residents. This year we offered high-quality clothing, shoes, children’s items, beauty and hygiene products, healthy snacks, packaged meals, and other specialty goods for the summer season. We’re happy to share that we served 356 guests and distributed 1,700 items! One mother exclaimed, “Thank you! Now I don’t have to buy summer clothes or shoes for my children.”

Like a real boutique, we offered a checkout station where volunteers lovingly removed hangers, folded the clothes, and placed items in shopping bags, which was appreciated by all.

Everyone at WPE would like to extend heartfelt appreciation and recognition to District 5 Supervisor, Federal Glover, and Pittsburg Vice Mayor Shanelle Scales-Preston for joining us and supporting the event.


A Sweet Celebration to Thank Our Volunteers

On June 11th, our team put together one of the sweetest events of the year, our Summer Sundae Ice Cream Social, as a thank you to our incredible volunteers. A network of 400+ individuals, our volunteers show up 365 days a year to help WPE nourish our most vulnerable neighbors. So much care went into this event, and we had a fantastic turnout! From the delicious assortment of ice cream sundaes, popsicles, cupcakes, fruit bowls, and confections to a FANTASTIC DJ (thank you, Jen Grossi!), a fun time was had by all. We love celebrating our volunteers, as they are the heart and soul of White Pony Express. So, we hope you will join us in saying three cheers for WPE volunteers: Hip, Hip, Hooray! Hip, Hip, Hooray! HIP, HIP, HOORAY!


Become a Patron of the Pony

Donating food isn’t just about reducing waste – it’s about ending food insecurity, answering a need, and providing a solution. It’s about your business becoming a force for good in the community.

If you own or are part of a business in the food industry (i.e., restaurant, grocery store, caterer, farmers market), please take part in helping our community and reducing food waste by donating your unused food.

Once collected, the food is carefully sorted and delivered by our team in refrigerated vehicles, the same day, to 90+ organizations serving 120,000 of our most vulnerable community members each year. Our partners include schools, church pantries, shelters, senior and low-income facilities, county-run programs, and more. And all of our services are provided free of charge.

Did you know? On January 1, 2022, Senate Bill 1383 went into effect, requiring food generators to donate surplus food to reduce waste and feed people in need. These food producers must:

  • Maintain a written agreement with food recovery organizations or services that pick up surplus food.

  • Maintain a monthly record of the type of food, frequency, and pounds of food recovered.

  • Not discard or compost edible food that can be donated.

Starting January 1, 2024, inspections begin, and penalties may be issued for non-compliance.

All YOU have to do is say YES. We take care of the rest!

Getting started is easy. Just send us email at:

Would you like to help the Pony deliver as a food rescue hero driver? Download our White Pony Express Food Rescue App. You will receive a ‘ping’ on your phone when there’s a food rescue run available! Follow this link to learn more.


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