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Welcome Pete: WPE Food Sourcing Manager

Updated: Jul 26, 2019

We are happy to announce that Pete Olsen joined White Pony Express as our School Pantry & Food Sourcing Manager on Monday, July 8, 2019. He will be joining Erica Brooks on the Strategic Partnerships team.

Pete brings just the right mix needed for this important new role at WPE: His degree in journalism gives him a firm foundation in research and communications, and his experience as a restaurant kitchen manager and running his own catering company taught him all the ins and outs of food procurement, storage, transportation, and delivery. It’s a perfect fit for the depth and breadth of experience we were looking for in this important role.

Pete is passionate about child nutrition, something he learned firsthand as a stay-at-home dad for 3 years. Pete says, “I highly believe in providing children with proper nutrition and I am honored to have the opportunity to make a positive impact on so many, putting them on the path to a lifetime of proper nutrition and good health.”

Last year, when Pete’s wife Christine was hired for a new position in Brentwood, their family decided to relocate to Contra Costa County. Pete considers himself a family man. He enjoys spending time with his family whenever he can. Pete says that he is obsessed with food and loves to cook for his friends and family.

Pete let us know that he had the desire to transition into the nonprofit sector for a while because he gets more personal satisfaction out of helping others than he had while working in business or commercial culinary enterprises.

That strong desire to be part of a mission-driven organization, combined with Pete's background and connections in the food industry, made him perfect for the role of sourcing new food partnerships for WPE.

When you talk to him you'll know that Pete is extremely passionate about food and never wants people to be in the position where they are unable to sustain themselves. He knows how important meeting the ever-growing needs of our underserved friends, families, and neighbors living in our local communities truly is.

“Proper nutrition and access to fresh and healthy food is a basic human right and is the cornerstone of living a healthy lifestyle. It is extremely important to me that we strive to help the growing numbers of people in need, especially those that are living in our local communities.
I hope that I can use my knowledge, skills, and drive to significantly increase our food donations. I will be exploring the many different sources of excess food being produced in the Greater Bay Area, and I hope to get many of its producers to become partners with White Pony Express.
I am looking forward to working with such an awesome team helping to expand White Pony's Food Rescue School Pantry program. And I'm really excited to start making a big difference here as a White Pony Express team member.”

Please join us in extending a warm welcome to Pete as he becomes familiar with White Pony Express’ programs and people and as he strives to expand food donation sources for our Food Rescue program.

If you'd like to reach out to Pete about food partnership, please email him by clicking here:


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