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Updated: Jun 20

sleek wrapped van for food rescue

If you volunteer in WPE’s distribution center, you’ve probably seen the students and teachers from Martinez Community Academy sorting food on Tuesdays. The students are part of a special education transition program that provides functional academic instruction, life skills, and vocational training. Through volunteering at WPE over the past year, the students have gained vocational and life skills and learned many lessons beyond the classroom about team work and collaboration. 


The Martinez Community Academy is also a WPE food recipient. “As part of our life skill instruction, we teach cooking on Wednesdays. Since we were approved to receive food from WPE, we plan the recipes on Monday so that when we leave on Tuesday morning, the students have a grocery list of the items we could use for cooking,” says teacher Sandra McMillan. “As we sort the food, if we find the items we need, we bag them and give them to Luisa to weigh before we leave.”


This special partnership is a perfect example of the WPE model in action. The receiver is also the giver! This is the essence of “all of us taking care of all of us.” 


If you have a group that is interested in volunteering at WPE reach out to us today.

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