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Thank you, Kirkpatricks!

Jim and Brigitte created a “Garment Tree” to display items like socks in a beautiful (and space-saving!) manner. The Kirkpatricks have been with White Pony Express from the start, and their innovation will be missed!

Brigitte started with the children’s clothing exchange about eight years ago in the garage on El Curtola Boulevard when we first started. Jim came on the scene a bit later, first as a photographer for events and later when the operation moved to the old LaRossa market.

In the new space, they focused on establishing and growing the children's department.

After some time their involvement grew and they never looked back. Brigitte has a wonderful eye for detail and she took great care uplifting garments to prepare them for recipients. She helped volunteers learn the ins and outs of the children’s clothing department always with an eye for quality and presentation. She ran several weekly workshops - and did countless loads of laundry! Brigitte was also a host at many of our mobile boutiques over the years.

Jim helped with much of the infrastructure, building out our distribution center spaces with racks, creating labels and eventually establishing computer-based programs to manage the White Pony General Store. He became part of the distribution center operating team where his first contribution was a 40-tab spreadsheet that allocated clothing for boutiques! Jim also worked nearly every mobile boutique as a coordinator and is currently part of a team implementing our first inventory control system.

We will miss seeing their lovely faces at the White Pony Express Distribution Center, but we wish them luck!


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