Meet The Team

White Pony Express began as an all-volunteer organization in 2013 and is committed to remaining a volunteer-powered organization. Our guiding principle is unity and we strive to keep this central to our work as a team and with the communities we serve. As our founder put it, WPE's goal is to truly embody "all of us taking care of all of us."

Members of our Board of Directors and team members in key operational roles are volunteers. Without our volunteer leaders and our circle of friends that support WPE through gifts of time and talent, our small and dedicated staff of 20 employees would not be able to fulfill our mission

Eve Birge is WPE's 

Executive Director

Jim May

Jim is WPE's Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer of the Board of Directors

Jeff O'Hearn

Jeff is the Director of Food Rescue Operations

Erica is the

Chief Growth Officer

Steve Harrell

Steve is the Director of the White Pony General Store

Helen is our Food Rescue Operations Manager

Becky is our Business Operations Manager

Everett Lein

Everett is our Food Rescue Scheduler and all-around IT support wizard


Mariel is our Marketing & Communications Consultant

Mandy Nakaya

Mandy is the heart, soul, and manager of the WPE Volunteer  Service Program 

Charles Heldibridle

Charles comes to WPGS as part of the Senior Community Service Employment Program (SCSEP)

Peter Brooks

Peter serves on the WPE Development team 

Jim Kirkpatrick

Jim is on the FGS Distribution Center Ops team and a member of the IT team 

Steve Spraitzar

Steve coordinates

Public Relations

Alex Gavero

Alex is a Dispatcher and Food Rescue Distribution Center Coordinator 

Gary Bostick

Gary manages our Food Rescue Distribution Center & the Fleet

Dan Tagliareni

Dan is a Dispatcher and Food Rescue Distribution Center Coordinator

Ana Bostick

Ana is our Operations Manager

Dario Gusman

Dario is a Driver - Coordinator in our Food Rescue program

Cliff Strand

Cliff is a Driver - Coordinator in our Food Rescue program

Pete Olsen

Pete is the WPE School Pantry & Food Sourcing Manager

Bob Freda

Bob is our Accountant and Bookkeeper

Lauren Militello

Lauren is our Development and Communications Associate

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Distribution Center
3380 Vincent Road #107 Pleasant Hill, CA 94523
925 322 0604
White Pony General Store
drop off hours
Monday - Friday
1:00 pm - 5:00 pm
9:00 am - 12:00 pm
*by appointment only
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White Pony Express is an independent nonprofit public benefit 501(c)(3) corporation, EIN 46-5220565