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Soaring with the East Bay Women's Conference

Updated: Apr 8, 2019

Thank you to the Walnut Creek Chamber of Commerce for another amazing East Bay Women's Conference! It truly gets better every year.

This year's SOAR theme lifted us all with happiness lessons from Marci Shimoff, the power of Dog Medicine with Julie Barton, and an unbelievable call to participate on "spacecraft" Earth together from astronaut Dr. Mae Jemison. Dr. Jemison, the first female astronaut of color to reach space, encouraged us to recognize that we ALL need each other's perspective and support, summed up well by the Yoruba proverb she shared. "Even the sharpest blade can't carve its own handle."

We were so grateful for the opportunity to share White Pony Express with 500+ women leading in business, life & love for the universe.

And a fabulous thing happened…

Many of the exhibitors at the event offered beautiful items and had clothing and accessory racks on display for attendees to shop from. WPE had a rack of sample items from our Free General Store program where we distribute new and like-new clothes with love to our neighbors in need.

As women came through the conference visiting the tables of the exhibitors, our donated items looked so appealing that many stopped to try them on, thinking they were for sale as well.

We explained that they were samples of donations, but we were glad they appealed, because this gave us a chance to explain that our standard for the clothes we distribute is always to ask, “is this of a quality we would gift to a friend or give to our own children?”

So thank you for a wonderful event, EBWC, and a chance to show so many women our mission in action!

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