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Mariel Miranda lends her marketing talents to WPE Development and Communications Teams

Join us in welcoming Mariel Miranda to White Pony Express as a communications and marketing consultant. Mariel will be updating our website, blog, and social media platforms as well as working with the development and communication teams on creating and optimizing our fundraising campaigns, newsletters, marketing materials and mailings.

Mariel’s background in non-profit stems from her own parents’ devotion to helping others. She’ll often say in an anecdotal way, that she’s moved more than 20 times in her life. Though an interesting fact, it’s truly helped shape her perspective on how different communities and cultures define ‘need’ and ‘wealth.’ It’s also taught her about the universality of struggle, love, generosity, and the need to be seen. 

Mariel finally settled down in the Bay Area in 2004. With a million stories to share about her travels, she studied Motion Picture and Television at the Academy of Art in San Francisco. Shortly after, she began her career as a journalist for non-profit broadcast media in 2013. It was there she discovered the true power of storytelling and its role in inspiring, moving, and healing communities. 

At the dawn of everything going digital, Mariel recognized the potential of propagating stories to a vaster audience by leveraging technology. While studying marketing management and focusing on digital marketing, she learned how expansive the reach of digital marketing is and how it can leverage and serve ideas, stories, people, organizations!

Marrying her love for non-profits and storytelling she found the perfect opportunity with White Pony Express and intends for the organization’s mission and efforts to go viral! 

She writes screenplays and novels in her free time, and lives in Dublin with her two children and husband.

We're so happy to have her expertise and dedication working to help us bring our mission and impact to life online and off!

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