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M2-One Honors White Pony Express

Updated: Oct 21, 2019

October 4, 2019 - Lafayette Park Hotel and Spa

White Pony Express was honored by M2-One during the launch of the organization’s first women’s leadership workshop. M2-One’s mission is to engage women in leadership by building a community of women professionals and equipping them with the skills, perspective, and support they need on their journey towards senior-level positions.

“The most common way people give up their power is by believing they don’t have any. Thus was born, the power of us, the power of you,” said founder Mary Brooks, who led the keynote speech.
Our mission is very simple - engaging women in leadership through inspiration, encouragement, and support.”

Mary also introduced the White Pony Express mission to the audience of professional women of diverse backgrounds, at varying levels of their journey, from a wide array of industries.

The speakers included Barbara Edwards, Founder of California Hosts; Deb Tenenbaum, Chief People Officer of Yapstone; Renee Baker, Head Advisor of Inclusion networks at Raymond James; Michele Bolton, owner of ExecutiveEdge Consulting; and Lucinda Jackson, author of Just a Girl. Jackson donated a copy of her book to each participant in honor of White Pony Express before it even hit the stands.

$5,000 was raised by M2-One on behalf of White Pony Express through this workshop.

Visit to learn more about M2-One, its mission, and upcoming events.


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