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A "Love Exchange" between Alex Gavero, WPE’s Warehouse Coordinator, and James Porter, Master Chef and Food Pantry Administrator at Loaves and Fishes

“White Pony Express has helped our organization by providing needed products for the meals I make. It helps a whole lot and keeps everything different so that I can get out there and change each meal daily. I get a variety, and anything we need, White Pony Express does special for us. They call and ask, 'Can you use this? Can you use that?' Alex is great that way. The communication - It's fantastic. That's what I like. It’s a wonderful organization. Keep up the good work!”

– James Porter

Hear WPE’s Dispatcher Alex talk about Chef James at Loaves and Fishes!

Hear WPE’s Dispatcher Alex talk about Chef James at Loaves and Fishes!

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Loaves and Fishes CCC came into being in 1983 by a woman who, after witnessing a family rummaging for food, decided no one should go hungry and opened a dining room in which anyone could come and enjoy a hot, home-cooked meal.


Similarly, White Pony Express came into being when a woman witnessed fresh, healthy food being thrown away, while thousands suffered from hunger and malnutrition. She decided no one should go hungry when there was abundance to be shared.


Loaves and Fishes was among WPE’s first food recipients. We have shared an affectionate, natural partnership for eight years.


Help White Pony Express continue to pick up and deliver fresh, healthy food to our partner, Loaves and Fishes, so that Chef James can continue to work his magic, making delicious meals for those in need across Contra Costa County.


All of us taking care of all of us.

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