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Updated: Jun 20

sleek wrapped van for food rescue

As you know, we have been preparing a new home for WPE that will allow us to expand our services to meet the need and provide an uplifted experience for the amazing volunteers that power our work.  

Team Pony is delighted to announce we will open our doors at the end of June! By July 1st we will be operating out of a fresh, renovated distribution center at 2470 Bates Avenue in Concord. 

Based on volunteer feedback, we secured space with ample volunteer parking, a temperature-controlled sorting room (heat and A/C!), bathrooms with many stalls, separation of equipment use and volunteer work, five times the refrigeration capacity, a bright lobby where volunteers can gather over a cup of coffee, easier access to major highways and a fueling station – all this and just an 8 minute drive from our current location!

Our team worked with architects, space planners, and food warehouse operation experts to design a space and flow that would be fun for volunteers, safe for all, and more efficient, while preserving our agility and ability to say “yes!” to changing community needs.

The teams that designed the space and new processes worked around the clock for months and consisted of volunteers, staff, pro bono consultants, and hired specialists. This week we are piloting the food recovery flow with a group of volunteers that have worked in various roles (on the road and in the warehouse) to smooth out remaining kinks.

Of course, our work together and the flow of operations will evolve as we adjust to the new space. I appreciate your patience as we adopt to new patterns and processesThis is a time when WPE’s core values – respect, appreciation, service, and collaboration – will need to drive our every move. 

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank one of WPE’s tireless volunteers, Mike Colvin, for managing the move – This fulltime project has kept him busy for months. From our staff team, Merry, Becky, Ana, and many others have put in nights and weekends to bring us to the finish line. And I want to thank our volunteers for their support, laughter, and investment in serving our beloved community. It takes a tremendous effort of love to rescue and deliver 10,000 pounds of fresh food every day. As a collective, we know that through active service and care we can and will provide access to good food for all…

Through ‘all of us taking care of all of us!

I am very excited to begin a new chapter of service together in Concord – See you there!

In warm solidarity,


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