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Join us this Sunday to make Easter Extra Special for Camp Fire Families!

Over the past several weeks, WPE volunteers have been supporting a special event to be held in Butte County on Easter Sunday (April 21st) to benefit 400 surviving families, including 75 children.

On Easter volunteers will be delivering a bit of extra love (and candy of course) to the people we've been serving at the FEMA trailer cramps in Butte County. And WPE volunteers have been hard at work for weeks to make this event extra special.

Volunteers from Bank of America and AAA Insurance have done the prep work and will finish it off by making deliveries.

But now we need help THIS SUNDAY April 14th to put the finishing touches on assembling some special bags and notes for the families.

Clayton Valley Presbyterian Church and Children’s Center (preschool) will be creating more bags and notes to give to the children at the Easter event, and together with a Girl Scout troop all of us will be filling the bags with candy and toys.

Adults in Butte County will receive something as well with their Easter candy and notes when we stuff the 400 bags next week with Bank of the West Volunteers -- just in time to play Easter bunny the Sunday after next!

Please help us finish the artsy and thoughtful bags for this team to stuff!

We will probably have about a third of the creative prep work left to do, so please consider joining us this weekend—Sunday April 14, 2019 from 12:30 PM - 3 PM at WPE at the Food Rescue distribution center!

All ages welcome!

Please RSVP to let us know you're coming by emailing


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