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Food Rescue Changes

Updated: May 27, 2019

Effective April 15, 2019, the position of White Pony Express Food Rescue driver was restructured and enhanced to include additional responsibilities with regard to building and maintaining positive relationships with all our food donor and recipient partners, and to ensure that pick-ups and deliveries continue to happen smoothly. The goal was also to structure the position to give staff drivers consistent shifts and regular schedules.

Our drivers now have the expanded title of White Pony Express Driver-Coordinators, and they have the very important task of being the day-to-day faces of the Food Rescue program. We currently have five full-time Driver-Coordinators, most of whom you will recognize, and there are a couple of newer faces:

Cliff Strand and Dario Gusman both began in mid-2018 and bring their enthusiasm to work every day. Uber reliable and highly dedicated, Dario and Cliff personify the mission of White Pony Express out in the community.

Brice Parsons was a rock-solid WPE driver through all of 2018 then took a brief detour with another organization. We were over the moon to rehire him this month, and about returning Brice said, “there’s no place like White Pony Express.”

Sean Baldwin came aboard in early January 2019 and has proven to be dedicated and steadfast. A former a golf coach with the Bentley School in Lafayette, Sean’s email address makes a not-so-subtle reference to a hole-in-one.

Ana Bostick was one of our amazingly committed Food Rescue volunteers from the fall of 2018 until she was hired as a Driver-Coordinator on April 15, 2019. Half the size of her colleagues, Ana proves daily that it’s all about the right attitude.

To see all of the current WPE team of staff and key volunteers, check out our team page.

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