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Updated: Jun 21

sleek wrapped van for food rescue

SF Market has been a WPE partner since June 2023, contributing over 333,500 pounds of fresh, ripe fruits and vegetables. This remarkable hub has been a staple in the Bay Area for over 60 years, playing a vital role in connecting urban and rural foods.


In addition to daily operations, SF Market leverages their position in the food system to drive change. Through their community programs, they aim to expand access to healthy food, support local food economies, and mitigate climate change. Since 2016, they have recovered over 6.5 million pounds of produce!


SF Market's efforts were recently recognized by SF Mayor, London Breed, and they received the coveted 2024 Small Business Award.


“This award honors what makes SF Market special: our merchants and their teams bringing fresh produce to San Francisco and the Bay Area daily, our dedication to combating food insecurity, and our continued commitment to providing critical food infrastructure since 1963.” – Carolyn Lasar, SF Market’s Food Recovery Project Manager 


Access to fresh, healthy food should be a fundamental human right, yet too many can’t afford the cost of fresh fruit and vegetables. We are privileged to distribute leafy greens, berries, peaches, carrots – produce in every color of the rainbow – owing to our partnership with SF Market!

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