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Our mission is to help eliminate hunger and poverty by delivering the abundance all around us to those in need.

WPE overall impact.png
WPE overall impact.png
WPE overall impact.png
WPE overall impact.png

Here's what your support can do: 

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Giving Options

Whether a one-time, monthly, or legacy donation, your funds help us accomplish our daily mission.

Your funds are used directly to secure and distribute life-saving materials through delivery and the White Pony General Store. If you have any questions about the scope or impact, we’re all ears!

Fundraise / Host a Drive

Our circle of giving is built from enduring collaborations, connections, and love. What better way to bring your community together while raising funds than with a fundraiser?

We’re here to support you all the way and offer whatever tips, ideas, or materials you need. Contact us to get started!

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