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Dev Team Adds Grant Writer Christy Mack

Updated: Jul 12, 2019

We're so happy to announce that Christy Mack is now part of the White Pony Express development team.

Christy became familiar with White Pony Express through her grant-making work as president of the Lafayette Juniors and as a founding member of 100+ Women Who Care Contra Costa. She was deeply inspired by WPE’s belief in “all of us taking care of all of us” and the unique model WPE put in place to systematically recover and redistribute our local abundance of food and clothing.

The WPE model of saving perfect good food from our landfills and instead delivering it daily to our neighbors in need through a robust network of other nonprofits all around the county is making big strides in helping to alleviate poverty in the place she calls home.

Christy Mack - Grant writer joins WPE

Christy’s personal story is one of growing up in a rural area of the Hudson Valley, New York in a middle class home where her parents were her first model of how redistributing abundance could help others in the community living in poverty.

“I have memories starting around 8 years old of my parents giving away excess fruits and vegetables from our gardens and clothing we outgrew or no longer needed to our public school bus drivers so they could feed and clothe themselves and their families.
And, I will never forget the day they gave away the first of what would end up being a few cars to one particular school bus driver, Betty. The act of giving away something of such high value and not expecting or asking anything in return to help a mom in need stayed with me forever.
It led me to always think about those around me who have less and what is my role, my contribution to them - to use my place, my position, and my time to help alleviate the pain so many living around us face because they do not have enough.” 
Jim May, Christy Mack, Mary Brooks, Joe Smith

In her other nonprofit activities, Christy promotes and secures funding for cultural and educational institutions as well social and economic justice organizations. Her work has contributed to advancing the missions of more than 75 California non-profits and creating more inclusive, equitable communities. 

Christy is collaborating with the WPE development team specifically focused on grant writing and coordination to increase financial support from the many foundations and local organizations looking to invest in mission-driving, highly impactful organizations like White Pony Express.

If you'd like to reach out to Christy to make introductions to grantmakers and funders, or to discuss ways to support our development goals, please email her at

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