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Emergency Support for Ukrainian Refugees


White Pony Express is currently focused on shipping non-perishable food items. We are sending these items to trusted organizations serving those within Ukraine and the millions of refugees that have fled Ukraine. 


Donate today to support WPE operations in order for us to continue to

help those in dire need in our county and beyond.


If you are interested in supporting the Ukraine relief efforts, please email

Love Gives Its Best

Video clip of WPE's first deliveries to Ukraine



At WPE, the way that items are handled, packed, and delivered is important as it conveys respect and love for the communities we serve. We're looking for volunteers to (1) host food and clothing drives and (2) help sort, package, organize, and label the boxes. To volunteer click here or to email about volunteering click here.

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If you have a non-perishable food donation, you are welcome to drop it off at WPE’s distribution center at:


3380 Vincent Rd #107, Pleasant Hill, CA 94523. WPE is open 7 days a week from 8:00am and 4:00pm - No appointment is necessary.

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“Our work is to give all we can, in all the ways we can, to all the people we can. With the support of our community, we can provide for our county partners and collect the additional items desperately needed by our friends in Ukraine. There is enough abundance to go around and we were built to receive and distribute it.” - WPE Executive Director, Eve Birge

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All of us taking care of

all of us

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