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Class of 2024 | Natalie Pfeiffer

Natalie Pfeiffer San Ramon Valley HS

When the pandemic brought everything to a halt in 2020, Natalie, a member of the National Charity League, sought ways to serve the community and found her place at White Pony Express. She has done everything from dispatching clothing and survival essentials to Ukraine to sorting incoming food donations to working on the Holiday Star Project to aiding guests at the White Pony Inn – Natalie's involvement has been invaluable and multifaceted! Yet, she categorically declares: "My favorite task by far is working with the eggs!"


Reflecting on her volunteer experience, Natalie says she has grown tremendously.  She appreciates what she has and wants to use what she’s been given to help others.


“During Covid I was fortunate to be able to volunteer. I have classmates who needed to work to help their families financially.”


WPE’s impact touched Natalie’s heart and provided valuable skills and new learning. "Contributing to the community and witnessing its positive effects is amazing," she says. "I've learned communication skills, gained confidence, and assumed leadership roles, including guiding new volunteers."


Natalie has dedicated over 300 volunteer hours at WPE!


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