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Class of 2024 | Lexi Hens

Lexi Hens Campolindo High School

"Seeing the bustling activity and the sheer number of people here, you can feel the significance of the work being done. The atmosphere is always vibrant with music, and it's evident that the dedicated volunteers who show up week after week genuinely care."


Lexi was introduced to WPE at a high school Food Distribution Club coordinated by a fellow student. No stranger to lending a hand, Lexi has been involved in community service since her early years. 


Her experience in WPE’s distribution center left a profound impact on her. "Living in a bubble of food security and then witnessing the struggles that many face changed my outlook on food entirely," she reflects. "I've noticed so much waste at school, and it's made me realize how we take good food for granted."


During her time at WPE, Lexi gained valuable lessons in teamwork, communication, and accountability. "Working with WPE set me on a path for how I want to navigate my life. I want to contribute to the well-being of the planet and plan to pursue studies in environmental science. Devoting oneself to service feels incredibly fulfilling."


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