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Class of 2024 | Cole Sasson

Cole Sasson Miramonte High School

Cole embarked on his service journey in 2021 in response to closures caused by the pandemic. His initial motivation was to bolster his college application: "It felt like a worthwhile endeavor, especially with everything else on hold."


Cole became a fixture at WPE, dedicating 3-4 days a week and amassing over 230 volunteer hours. Inspired by his experience, he initiated a Food Redistribution Club at his high school and easily rallied 10 participants. 


"Witnessing apples thrown away needlessly at school drove me to raise awareness about food insecurity. I shared WPE's work through videos, pamphlets, and posters, sparking conversations about food recovery."


At WPE, Cole immersed himself in many projects, from food recovery to assembling care packages to contributing to the star program. This nurtured his sense of responsibility. "When working with younger students or the Boy Scouts, I am always there to help with questions or provide leadership," he says. 


Reflecting on WPE's significance, Cole emphasizes its simplicity and scalability. "Despite its modest size, WPE wields immense influence through collective volunteer efforts. Its replicable model holds amazing potential."


Cole cherishes the connections forged at WPE, singling out longtime volunteer Ed as particularly influential. "Ed’s guidance during my academy interview prep was invaluable.”


Academically, Cole's volunteerism boosts his resume, and he spotlights WPE efforts in his college essays. However, he values the leadership skills honed and the camaraderie above all else.

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