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Class of 2024 | Alison Rhee

Alison Rhee Miramonte High School

Alison and her family first learned about WPE in 2020 through a family friend who was involved with the White Pony Inn. They started supporting a family in need of temporary assistance. "The mother was a cancer survivor with several children, and we quickly formed a bond. We would bring them the food they requested and were even able to get them a TV. I also donated my clothing and tennis rackets to the children. It felt gratifying to support this family."


Alison also participated in food distribution, where she witnessed the abundance of quality food that would otherwise go to waste if not for WPE. In addition to a heightened awareness about the impact of food recovery on the environment, WPE played a crucial role in shaping Alison's character. 


“I witnessed so many people of all walks of life receiving food. You do not have to attend a specific church or be at a certain shelter. Everyone is welcome to the abundance – WPE delivers to so many places!”


"Volunteering at WPE also helped my leadership skills and improved my communication.” Alison often found herself coordinating the younger volunteer groups, demonstrating on-site application of her newfound leadership skills.


Alison enthusiastically encourages others to volunteer at WPE and wants everyone to know how amazing WPE’s Volunteer Coordinator, Mandy, is. “I am so thankful for Mandy. She is so fun, and I really enjoyed working with her.”


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