Our “circle of giving” is a model whereby surplus food & goods are picked up and delivered to neighbors in need, with love, through acts of selfless service. Join with us as we share our community “playbook,” and rise to raise the $500,000 needed to keep the channels of service flowing and our organization strong!

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CHAPTER 6: Staff

Happy Holidays from White Pony Express!


White Pony Express staff share warmth and kindness with neighbors across the county

as if we were one big family — because we ARE one big family!

Our staff recognizes the privilege of being part of the county’s network of support. Many of our neighbors can’t afford to feed or clothe themselves, and we are here to provide fresh,

delicious food and high-quality clothing.


We love what we do and believe that

“all of us taking care of all of us” is the only way forward!

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White Pony General Store Volunteer

“Our White Pony Express family delivers hope, love,

and smiles in everything we do.”  

“We will do anything in our power to support our guiding principles and uphold our core values—because we love you.”   

– Everett, WPE Scheduler



WPE Dispatcher

“We try to help those experiencing challenges such as lack of food or clothing by delivering those items with kindness, care, and compassion. We do not charge for the items delivered, nor do we charge for the delivery. We simply care!”   

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WPE staff could not be more appreciative of

the laughter and goodwill offered by WPE volunteers;

the generosity of our beloved food donors;

the challenges and triumphs of our recipients; and

the kinship of partners like YOU!

Thank you for being part of our Circle of Giving!