Our “circle of giving” is a model whereby surplus food & goods are picked up and delivered to neighbors in need, with love, through acts of selfless service. Join with us as we share our community “playbook,” and rise to raise the $500,000 needed to keep the channels of service flowing and our organization strong!

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CHAPTER 5: Our Recipient Agencies and the Communities they Serve

The fifth chapter in our Circle of Giving Playbook is about our recipient agencies a

nd the communities they serve.


White Pony Express has the good fortune of providing high-quality food and clothing to 

eighty agencies across the county. From churches to senior centers to shelters, these

non-profit partners distribute directly to our housed and unhoused neighbors

who need this care.


We provide the important essentials so that our partners can focus on direct service support

and case management. Working together, we are able to impact 120,000 lives!

We certainly could not reach these numbers alone.


All of us taking care of all of us.

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Team Jesus Ministries

A partner in loving service to East Contra Costa County 

Partnering with responsive recipient agencies like Team Jesus enables WPE to deepen our reach and impact in Contra Costa County. When WPE delivers pallets of food to Flori and Team Jesus, twenty-five different community agencies pick it up and make it available to those hungry for nourishment in the form of food, clothing, and the love she dishes out. She works with an all-volunteer team of community leaders committed to this work for the long-term.


Flori is a beloved friend to our staff and volunteers, preparing meals for us each week and packaging the food for individual consumption while honoring our COVID policies.

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Flori Paniagua, the Founder of Team Jesus Ministries in Bay Point, and a team of dedicated volunteers.

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Team Jesus embodies WPE’s motto “All of us taking care of all of us” and lives our values.

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“Our purpose and task is to help provide other’s basic necessities. They may need food, water, clothing, toiletries, or maybe positive words spoken into their lives. Our ministry team and volunteers reach out into the local community to share the unconditional, uncondemning, and all-consuming LOVE of God!” - Team Jesus Ministries

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In this video it is easy to see Flori’s love for and commitment to the community.

A whole-hearted shout-out to all of our amazing partners!

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Help WPE deliver 1 million pounds of food to these recipients before the New Year.


That is an average of 16,667 pounds per day. In just sixty days, this equals 13,889 meals.


This amounts to 4,630 people in Contra Costa County receiving three meals a day.