Our “circle of giving” is a model whereby surplus food & goods are picked up and delivered to neighbors in need, with love, through acts of selfless service. Join with us as we share our community “playbook,” and rise to raise the $500,000 needed to keep the channels of service flowing and our organization strong!

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Volunteers make our world - and circle of giving - go round! 

When White Pony Express began in 2013, we were an all-volunteer neighborhood organization. Propelled by the need we discovered and the surplus food and goods in our community, we started an incredible journey of love and connection. A groundswell of energy and enthusiastic support catapulted WPE’s services and the “delivered with love” model into every corner of Contra Costa County. One human family, a network of 70+ partners, all learning how to uplift and take care of each other.

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Kota Solar

“I volunteered with the White Pony Express after installing a solar system...The community has been so generous with Kota that I felt a desire to give back! All of us taking care of all of us means that we are all one human family taking care of those who need it the most. The volunteers at White Pony are eager to help and lead their lives with grace and love.” - Trevor

One of our goals has always been to provide opportunities for selfless service. From a desire to help their neighbors – and meet them where they are – volunteers sign up by the dozens to participate. Neighbors in need often cannot afford to travel to access services and resources and so we carefully select their items and bring all to them – with love. We do this through twice daily food sorting shifts of 30+ volunteers, special tasks and direct deliveries through the White Pony General Store, and countless other activities – seen and unseen.

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"I volunteer with White Pony Express because they have the infrastructure to allow me to serve the community in a greater capacity than I could do on my own. Selfless service is what unites the volunteers. White Pony Express will continue to make an impact by saying YES to the needs of our most vulnerable community members! "


White Pony General Store Volunteer

One of our very first volunteers (who is still with us 7 years in!) realized that one of the shelters we served was right next to his office in Pittsburg. Rain or shine, he came to WPE in his suit and tie, put an apron on, picked up boxes of fresh produce, and delivered them on his way to work so the chef at the shelter could create fresh lunch. Giving became a natural part of daily life and his “volunteer work” became a lifestyle.

"What I think unites all the volunteers here is that it is second nature for people to help other people who are in need… I consider myself lucky. For me to be able to help another person and to make a difference in someone’s life is really something."


Food Rescue Volunteer

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Our base of 400+ volunteers lifts WPE at every level of the organization. We have volunteers who hold key leadership positions, fuel trucks at night, arrange donated flowers, sanitize surfaces and door knobs, lead teams and special initiatives, tie bows on children’s gifts, and refill the paper printer. No job is too big or too small and it truly takes “all of taking care of all of us” to keep WPE going! 

2020 11-4 Shya and Syriana Special Proje

Sisters in Service

Special Project Volunteers

"People should donate to White Pony Express because it is one of the few places that brings the extra food grocery stores and many other places otherwise throw away, and gives it to people who really need it. Other counties and places need this system but they don’t have it because places like White Pony don’t exist.” Shrianna (left)

"I volunteer at WPE to help others in the community and to affect and improve people’s lives. As a community we work to help one another, and even though we all have a different part… we look out for each other and work together. I am so happy I can continue to volunteer here, even during high school – not just over the summer.” Shaya (right)

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Volunteer support maximizes your financial donation. We’ve been able to deliver 13 million lbs. of food and serve hundreds of thousands of people – all with a staff of less than 20 people (7 of whom are drivers!). Your support is needed – now more than ever – and will be amplified beyond measure.