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Updated: Jul 8

sleek wrapped van for food rescue
Aikisha picking up a run for WPE!

Aikisha Reeves is one of WPE’s remarkable CA Climate Action Core activists. She chose WPE out of hundreds of climate impact nonprofits through a national program coordinated by the Governor’s Office, California Volunteers, and Bay Area Community Resources. She is focused on climate advocacy and service and carries a resonance to WPE’s mission and the fact of our oneness. She is a team builder and activator!


Aikisha has been a lifelong advocate for food recovery. After high school, she worked as a loan officer at Wells Fargo, where she was involved in food donation programs at work and through her church. “Seeing the need all around you is hard to ignore,” she says. 


She graduated Diablo Valley College (DVC) in 2021 and transferred to Cal State East Bay. There she joined the College Core, completed the program, and signed up for Climate Action Core. Her passion for food rescue, which addresses both food insecurity and reducing landfill waste, was what led her to WPE.


“In every place I have volunteered, what I love most is sharing my knowledge with those who need answers.”


At WPE, Aikisha acts as our ambassador, providing valuable information about food recovery and climate issues, to volunteer groups, students, and community organizations.


“At other volunteer organizations, you might feel like just a body, but at WPE I feel like part of a family. I have met so many welcoming people here from different backgrounds and experiences. The support I have here is unmatched.”


We are unspeakably fortunate to have Aikisha as a volunteer and advocate. She was recently accepted into a master’s program at Cal State East Bay and also works in their College Core department. We look forward to welcoming the bright students she will undoubtedly send our way!

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