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Butte County Fire Response Continues

Updated: Apr 9, 2019

Through its programs of redistributing abundance, White Pony Express continues with its efforts in providing food, monetary donations, and clothing to those suffering from the Camp Fire in Butte County, especially those located in remote locations.

WPE is sending aid to these isolated fire survivors because they are our brothers and sisters, embodying WPE's philosophy, "All of us taking care of all of us."

On November 14, 2018, White Pony Express resumed making daily refrigerated truck runs to Butte County with perishable ready-to-eat meals and envelopes of donated cash to aid the fire victims. After the first two weeks, WPE learned that although a lot of food was being shipped to the affected areas, it was often not reaching those living in isolated areas where grocery stores are not available, where some residents don’t have transportation, or others are limited by physical disabilities.

So WPE sprung into action and changed its strategy by targeting its runs to provide sufficient food on a weekly basis to people living in out-of-the way locations with little access to food sources. We've also started a partnership with the North State Food Bank to help them connect directly those still impacted by the losses as a result of the fires and their aftermath.

Highlights of WPE's on-going assistance to the fire victims in Butte County:

  • Twice a week, WPE volunteers drive a refrigerated van to Butte County (a 6-hour round trip) with surplus ready-to-eat meals, fresh produce, bread, milk, eggs, personal hygiene supplies and donations. We've increased its delivery from 200 meals a week in December, to currently 400 meals a week.

  • We are focusing on providing these items to fire survivors in trailers that are situated in remote locations with little access to grocery stores or nearby services.

  • Many WPE volunteers are profoundly moved by their experiences in serving the fire survivors, and often make a request to go on a return trip..

These weekly Sunday and Monday runs are providing urgently needed fresh food to fire survivors in FEMA trailer camps and the remote community in Concow, who have limited to no access to obtain fresh food. We also also know that our visits are essential in their recovery. These survivors know they can count on WPE to be there when other agencies are pulling back their services.

In order to continue helping this community, we need your help driving and distributing the deliveries to those in need. If you wish to volunteer with WPE to help with its Butte County efforts or with WPE's other programs should reach out to us at

Donations for these on-going operations can be made here. Please designate "Fire Response" in the "in honor of" field on the donation form if you want your gift to go specifically for these added costs.


There's a special event coming up for Butte County fire survivors too! Join us Sunday April 14th to help make this Easter extra special for our neighbors to the north. Learn more here.


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