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A Word from our Executive Director

Dear Friends:

I want to thank the volunteers, partners, staff, board, and supporters of White Pony Express for such a warm welcome. When I’ve volunteered with WPE, I’ve been my happiest. It is a dream come true to commit all of my time to this amazing effort that is pioneering new patterns of service and partnership. Joining you as your Executive Director at this signal moment – when service and collaboration are needed more than ever – is the ultimate privilege.

In recent weeks, I have been inspired by WPE’s immediate response to COVID-19 and the exponential increase in community needs it has contributed to. Every day of the week, we are delivering fresh food and supplies to children, the elderly, homeless, and other at-risk neighbors who are doing their best to seek shelter and remain there.

From my perspective, this dedication is WPE’s greatest asset. We listen carefully to our communities to learn about changing needs and then we mobilize hearts and hands to address them. At WPE we don’t see red tape – we see a need and we respond with love by giving what is needed. It is so simple you would think everyone would be doing it. I believe one day everyone will be doing it.

My commitment to you and to WPE is to do my best to

  • strengthen and streamline operations so we can continue to work together in unity to serve the hungry and underserved;

  • grow a nimble and effective organization that is flexible enough to respond to emerging needs like the Camp Fire and COVID-19; and

  • promote and share our model so that it can help others.

I believe our programs can bring about a major increase in the number of community members who will move from the margins to the mainstream. I feel certain too that as more people learn about the good that WPE does, the volunteers and financial support we need will surge. People want to help – they just need the vehicle. WPE is the perfect vehicle for direct, loving service and instantaneous impact.

This is our moment. We have much to do, but I firmly believe we have the energy and goodwill to get it done. In the coming weeks, I hope to meet you personally and learn more about what is needed. Please know I will give my all to help White Pony Express fulfill its extraordinary promise.

Eve Birge

Executive Director


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