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A Legacy of Joy in Service

Linda and Jason Saffer are long-time volunteers at White Pony Express. They were customer service helpers at WPE’s first General Store Mobile Boutique in 2014, and at many other Boutiques since then.

WPE volunteer Linda makes a friend; Luz now has a new coat!

They also served hot breakfasts at dawn to the unsheltered guests in a church as part of the General Store’s Cold Weather Clothing program.

These experiences gave Linda and Jason the chance to meet people, listen to them and respond to their needs without the trappings of “charity”. The joy of these connections inspired this generous couple to include a legacy gift to White Pony Express in their estate plan.

WPE volunteer Jason helps a boutique guest find his size.

In their words:

"It has always given us a sense of delight and upliftment to work at the White Pony Express — whether sorting clothes, serving guests at a Mobile Boutique, or serving hot meals at a homeless shelter. It may sound unusual to say “delight and upliftment” for these kinds of tasks, but working with WPE is unlike any other volunteer work we’ve done. The spirit of love, service, and unity was always palpable. One day we realized we could continue to contribute to WPE and its mission even after our deaths simply by including this organization in our living trust, and so we did — much to our delight!"

Do Linda and Jason’s feelings resonate with yours?

For more information about how you too can leave a legacy gift to White Pony Express, click on this link:

Or contact Peter Brooks on the WPE Development Team: Email:

Phone: (925) 705 9729

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