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92-year-old WPE Volunteer Helps the Cold Weather Clothing Project

Updated: Sep 11, 2020

By Yolanda Mihic (YuLi’s daughter)

YuLi Chen turned 92 years young this year, and she is still finding ways to help her community. After the passing of one of her daughters, then her husband, she found a new project to pour her heart into – the White Pony General Store’s Cold Weather Clothing Program.

YuLi Chen has always been a maker and creator. She has worked as a professional tailor and seamstress and has had a curiosity about all things “new” that have come her way.

Her garden has always been a colorful masterpiece. She takes pride in sewing beautiful outfits for her children (5), grandchildren (7) and great-grandkids (4). Her knitted creations adorn our homes. Some are too pretty to use. Sweaters and coats will keep us warm for a long time to come. She takes joy in giving to others.

When she found out about White Pony Express, she had even more incentive because she knew they would be going to a good cause. When she started making the hats, they were great fun for her because each one was different… As she added to the pile, it was like creating a stack of jewels.

Thank you for helping her feel useful and for recognizing her gift!


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