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Forty-One Million Acts of Kindness Achieved Through #BeKind21 Campaign

For three weeks in September, we teamed up with the Born This Way Foundation, its founders Lady Gaga and her mother Cynthia Germanotta, Starbucks, UGGS, the City of Lafayette, Springhill School, and a host of other amazing partners for the #BeKind21 campaign.

Lady Gaga hugging a fan

Based on the concept that doing something for 21 consecutive days helps turn it into a habit, #BeKind21 participants were asked to pledge and practice an act of kindness – for themselves and others – every day for 21 days.

What began as a local effort by the foundation’s Executive Director, Maya Smith, to spread kindness in her son’s school as he entered kindergarten, blossomed this year into a global campaign, propelling 41,351,100 acts of kindness worldwide!

Corporations, schools, community groups, families and individuals across the globe participated, sharing their acts of kindness through social media, word-of-mouth, employee engagement and countless other creative channels.

The “21 acts of kindness” pledge list we created and shared as an organization was themed “Bringing Kindness to Unexpected Places” and “Helping the Helpers.”

From bringing kind notes to our local DMV, to bringing our donated surplus flowers to new friends throughout the county, to writing supportive Yelp reviews for our vendors, to setting up “Inspiration Stations” onsite at our distribution center for people to write and share positive messages, we had a blast with this campaign! Click here to check out our full pledge list, and here to see the fun we had carrying out our acts on Instagram.

We are grateful for the chance to be part of such a fun campaign and to continue spreading kindness year-round.

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