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Growth in Food Rescue - Volunteers Needed!

Food Rescue has experienced rapid growth in the past year, and we anticipate more this year.

In the last year we’ve added five new school pantry programs, several low-income senior housing residences, and several other recipient partners. We launched a partnership with Starbuck's and added donor pickups at a new Safeway, and Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods locations.

In the fall, we began responding to the urgent need from the Northern California ‘Campfire’ by driving twice weekly to deliver food to survivors in Butte County. At the same time, we are being called upon to provide even more nourishment for more individuals in need in our county. We anticipate adding three or four new school pantries by the start of the next school year, one or two as early as this spring!

We could not meet these very real needs all around

us without having the consistent and reliable

support of our dedicated volunteers.

We depend on volunteers to support all aspects of Food Fescue from pickups at donors to deliveries at recipient organizations, and everything in between here at the distribution center: culling, sorting, pulling, unloading and loading of food.

As the future looks to even more growth, we expect an even greater need for volunteer support. This spring, we’re beginning a program of outreach to our recipient organizations to learn more about them, ask how well we are meeting their needs, and to find out how we might extend our support to them in their food distributions.

The volunteer program at White Pony Express is expanding to prepare all of this growth. There is so much to more we can do with your help.

If you’d like to learn more about the changes and plans in Food Rescue, please contact Jeff O’Hearn, Director of Food Rescue or Danie Belfield, Director of Volunteer Services.

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