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What Happens to Free General Store's Recycled Clothing?

Not everything that is donated to our Free General Store makes it to people in Contra Costa County. So what happens to the Free General Store's Recycled Clothing?

Here's a hint: it does NOT go into the landfill.

Clothing and shoes that do not meet our “new or like-new” standards for distribution to our free mobile boutiques, hosted events or direct distributions are picked up by our recycler and friend, William Alladaye.

William ( on the left ) picking up the recycle clothing at the Free General Store Distribution Center

William (on the left) is from Benin, Africa. For several years he has been picking up used clothing from stores around the Bay Area, baling and sending the clothing to Cotonou, Benin.

There, a group of village women receive, sort and distribute the used clothing and shoes to other remote villages in the area as a way to support their neighbors. William says that a large percentage of the population in Benin are very poor and in need of these donated items.

With a degree in law from the University of Cote d’ivorie (the Ivory Coast), William attended Golden Gate University where he graduated with an MBA in marketing. In addition to his commitment to help those in his homeland, William has owned and operated a successful janitorial business for over 30 years.

We at the FGS-Distribution Center are ever grateful to William and his assistant Salid for helping White Pony Express reduce the cycle of waste and provide for those in need, here and around the world.

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