Donate Food

We accept food donations of all kinds including produce, meat products, dairy, shelf goods, baked goods and prepared foods such as deli items and sandwiches. Food donations may be made one time, prescheduled for a later pickup or calendared as a weekly or daily recurring pickup.

Our dispatchers check messages from 9am-9pm, 7 days a week, except Friday evenings. Feel free to leave a message on our Hotline anytime to schedule a pickup.

How to Donate Food

1.Call the Hotline 925-322-0604 and leave a message or email or email detailing:

– What kind of food (prepared, produce or other perishables, dry goods, etc.)
– Physical size of donation (bag, box, case, pallet, etc.)
– Where and when it can be picked up
– Who and how WPE should contact when necessary

3. Our dispatcher checks messages between 9am and 9pm. The dispatcher
will then match the food to the appropriate recipient organization and contact them to let them know it’s coming.

4. Within two hours, a driver will arrive to pick up your donated food!


California Laws Protect Food Donors

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